Gregory Justis

The story Elaine Brewster shared was clearly quite convincing. At least convincing enough to attract the attention of Gregory Justis. Mr. Justis not only accepted the assignment but did so with gusto. He then charged in valiantly to mount a crusade of biblical proportions in the name of Elaine Brewster.

However, no matter which way one views his pile of supposed “evidence”, he ultimately ended up waving the white flag when he filed a Nolle Prosequi. Before doing so, he took things into his own hands and acted above the law when he made unsubstantiated claims and made every effort to drag a clean name through the mud and turn the matter into a soapbox sermon.

Gregory Justis Special Prosecutor Charlevoix County


Sort of makes one question the nature and validity of the end goal…

  • Was Gregory Justis looking to make a statement in his attempt to escape the his father’s shadow (see screenshot below) and make a name for himself?
  • Did Gregory Justis see red when he learned that the defendant’s middle name was one and the same as one of the largest business publications in the world?
  • Did he want to challenge the precedent set by Mike Nifong that most know simply as the ‘Duke Lacrosse Scandal
  • Were Gregory Justis’ sights set on recreating the Ron Williamson debacle that took place in Ada, Oklahoma back in 1982?
  • Did he simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

The true answer to this question will remain shrouded in mystery unless a genuine awakening, or spontaneous enlightenment occurs in Charlevoix, Michigan.

Gregory Justis Overdose Death