Elaine Brewster

Elaine Brewster

Not too long ago, in a simple county not too far away, a young woman shared a story with members of the law enforcement community, specifically the judicial branch of Charlevoix County and Mr. Gregory Justis in the quaint northern region of Michigan. The young woman who authored this tall tale is Elaine Brewster, a 6th grade educator at Queen of the Miraculous Medal School in Jackson, Michigan, a graduate of Michigan State University, recipient of the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship and an expert teller of tall tales.

Elaine Brewster Queen of the Miraculous Medal School Jackson Michigan

Get to Know Ms. Elaine Brewster

In her senior send off before completing her undergraduate studies at Michigan State University, Elaine states the following

(she) will return to Camp Daggett in Northern Michigan this summer as a camp counselor. Starting in September, I will be interning/student teaching in a fourth-grade classroom at Steele Elementary in Mason, Michigan. For the whole year, I will work with a mentor teacher and eventually I will become the lead teacher for the class. During this time, I will attend Michigan State to earn my teacher certification for the state of Michigan. I am very excited for the journey ahead and to start full time teaching in the fall of 2016, hopefully in the state of Michigan.

Elaine Brewster: Conduct Unbecoming of a Lady

Elaine Brewster had successfully wooed Gregory Justis - the special prosecutor who picked up her case - and provided more than enough juicy fiction for Mr. Justis to concoct a tall tale that had the local media in Charlevoix county simply salivating. However, Ms. Elaine Brewster wasn't satisfied yet...

Most people with half a heart or a sliver of moral fiber (potential bare bone requirements for an acceptable educator?), would have been content, but Ms. Brewster decided to taunt her helpless victim even after the media had their way with Gregory Justis' campfire tale. Elaine Brewster went on to further harass her crippled target with a series of emails that shed more light on the truth than any of "evidence" Mr. Justis claimed to have in support of his crusade.

Elaine Brewster Chick Evans Scholar Michigan State University Senior Class 2015

Elaine Brewster and Her Not So Cryptic Emails

In a time frame less than a fortnight, Ms. Elaine Brewster sent two emails that are sure to raise a few eyebrows at the very least.

Email #1 - January 5, 2016, by Elaine Brewster

"Good luck with the rest of your life. Dont you just love what a simple girl from Jackson can get away with?"

Email #2 - January 14, 2016, by Elaine Brewster

"What? To much of a baby to reply? Its funny how I didn't even send you two of those sexy pics that went up. Gosh I love how convincing I can be!"

Ms. Elaine Brewster Email #1-2 Educator Teacher

This opening salvo of email sent by Ms. Elaine Brewster seem to be her attempt at taunting her targeted victim. These emails should also cause a few alarms to go off in the mind of any sane individual, especially one claiming expertise in the craft of law.

A few questions come to mind upon considering the above emails in the larger context:

  1. What did Ms. Brewster "get away with" exactly?
  2. If Elaine Brewster didn't share two of the pictures that were posted with anyone, then who else, other than the selfie extraordinaire, could be responsible for the pictures going public?
  3. Why is Ms. Brewster so proud of how convincing she can be...shouldn't any evidence...or the truth...be enough to convince an audience that she is telling the whole truth?

Email #3 - March 26, 2016, by Elaine Brewster

"I still cant get over how you haven't responded yet...you're seriously a pathetic person. I'm so glad that I was able to ruin your life with a few simple lies."

Ms. Elaine Brewster Email #3 Educator Teacher

As with the first two emails, Ms. Elaine Brewster seems to have no fear. This is highlighted by the fact that she boasts about her apparent success in ruining the recipients life with "a few simple lies." Do note that Ms. Brewster's "few simple lies" are a separate case from the "fantastic lies" that led to judicial massacre with prosecuting Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong leading the charge with his sights set on media based glory. Robert P. Mosteller - Professor of Law at Duke University provides a complete look into the disaster...better yet, caricature of the tall tales told by Mike Nifong as he trampled across the names of three young men and spread rumors that were both vicious and malicious across the nation via the media.

Email #4

Elaine Brewster Teacher Intoxicated Drunk

Questions in Need of Answers

  • How did Ms. Elaine Brewster go about convincing the Charlevoix County authorities that her story was true?
  • What made Elaine Brewster and her case so appealing?
  • Why did Ms. Brewster and Gregory Justis take so long to file a motion to nolle pro with such urgency after having made such bold statements with nothing less than utmost confidence to the media?
  • If Ms. Brewster considers making false allegations against an unsuspecting individual just a "few simple lies" then what sort of example is she setting for her sixth grade students? Especially her sixth grade students at Queen of the Miraculous Medal School in Jackson, Michigan?
  • How are Elaine Brewster's actions any different than those of Crystal Magnum?
  • Lastly, is Elaine Brewster the sort of individual we want educating our youth?